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Mindcandy 3: Pc Demos 2003-2010 [Blu-Ray und DVD!]

Mindcandy 3: Pc Demos 2003-2010 [Blu-Ray und DVD!]

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Awaken your mind with this third volume of the MindCandy series which brings real-time computer animated music videos to your TV. We ve taken these poetic programs of the computer world to the next level by presenting forty of the best PC Windows productions created over the past eight years on both Blu-ray (HD) and DVD. MindCandy Volume 3 is a best-of-the-best look at what imaginative amateur programmers, musicians, and graphic artists can do with an off-the-shelf personal computer. The demos produced are often shown at parties throughout Europe, and are created to push the PC to its limits while impressing the audience. This third and final installment of the trilogy, MindCandy Volume 3, will push the limits of your Blu-ray player and High Definition television with its spectacular audio-visual effects. Contents: Blu-ray and DVD. Main Feature is approx. 210 minutes. Widescreen with Dolby Digital 2.0.


Viele coole PC Demos aus der PC Demoszene!

Mindcandy 3: Pc Demos 2003-2010 [Blu-Ray und DVD!]
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